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This exhibition at Verulamium Museum is a welcome and unusual chance to see some 35 Romano-British mosaics in miniature.

They are presented in watercolour, and are executed in great detail. They are the work, over many years, of David Neal of the Central Excavation Unit of English Heritage. Hypocaust (Roman Mosaic) Site of historical interest.

The year old hypocaust (roman central heating) and its covering mosaic floor were uncovered during excavations in Verulamium Park in the s by Sir Mortimer & Tessa Wheeler.

Verulamium. Romano-British town, capital of the Catuvellauni, predecessor of St Albans (Herts.).In the late Iron Age Verulamium was a major Catuvellauni seem to have been pro-Roman and after only brief military presence the new Verulamium started to develop.

Verulamium coursework help site
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