Termite control with papermate

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Termites Following Termite Control With Papermate - soscrawlspaceinsulationIf you draw a line across a surface with one of these pens, 4-H Entomology School Enrichment Project termites.

• Bic® or Papermate® Pens in assorted jkaireland.comes And Paper Mate Pen. Over 70 years of termite control experience An associate with extensive training in all areas of termite control Orkin will perform a comprehensive inspection of your home and will then prescribe a customized treatment designed to help protect your biggest investment — your home.

PHOENIX, Ariz. — It started out as a simple classroom experiment involving a few termites, some ballpoint pens and a paper plate.

Termite Treatment and Termite Control

Inspired by the demonstration, a teen has invented a new method to more effectively lure termites to their doom. Termites follow the ink produced by Scripto, Papermate and Bic brand pens because the ink smells like a specific termite trail Termites, ink pens and pheromones - LEARN NCTermites, ink.

Bic and Papermate ballpoint pins with blue ink are some of the best at attracting termites. After numerous studies researchers have found termites aren’t attracted to black or red ink.

Termites & Pheromones for Control

They also don’t follow ink from a felt pen or a rollerball pen. 4-H Entomology School Enrichment Project. Activity MAIN IDEA:Termites use pheromones to communicate termites • Bic® or Papermate® Pens in assorted colors • Several other types of writing utensils in assorted Emphasize the importance of the control, and testing for only one variable at a.

Termite control with papermate
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Termites And Papermate Pens