Tcprewrite add vlan tag vs untagged

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VLAN default untagged + custom tagged?

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Our Brocade gear is by far the most important. They go together to the point, walking!. vlan tag and untagged. Hello, I'm having a difficult time understanding the difference between tagging and untagging vlans.

When to use each one. Out of the box all ports are untagged on VLAN 1 (or the default VLAN), so if you untag a port into VLAN 20 (for example) it will automatically remove the 'vlan 1 untagged' property for that port.

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The default VLAN has no VLAN ID, or tag, to identify which VLAN arriving packets originated from, so no tag name is listed in the Tag column. All packets sent on this VLAN are untagged, which is fine because the network has only one VLAN. In the VLAN ID drop down menu, select VLAN 1.

Remove ports 1 - 10 from VLAN 1. To do this click on the ports until they are blank (i.e. until they contain neither a U or a T).

How to configure 801Q VLAN on TP-Link Easy Smart/Unmanaged Pro Switches?

when I view in Ethereal, the 2 bytes directly after the source MAC address are 0x, and the frame identified as LLC frame instead of.1q Oldest first Newest first Threaded Comments only.

Note: If you insert the command "console(config-if)# switchport general allowed vlan add " without specifically stating tagged or untagged the default value is untagged. This is a common mistake when configuring and will not allow traffic to flow properly. If the device connected to the switch is not VLAN aware the port should be added to the VLAN as untagged.

How to configure VLANs on Cisco Catalyst Switch

For the uplink traffic you can still add the uplink port to the same VLAN .

Tcprewrite add vlan tag vs untagged
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[Humbledown highlights] VLAN tag stripping in Virtualbox (actually, Intel NICs et al.)