Pfizer inc building an innovation center

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700 Main Street

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Pfizer Inc.: Building an Innovation Center Case Solution & Analysis

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Pfizer Inc.: Building an Innovation Center Case Solution & Answer

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Pfizer Inc: Building an Innovation Center

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Reliable implications from two case studies. The NCPA Innovation Center is a supporting organization within NCPA that was founded to assist and speed up the evolution of independent community pharmacies in a changing health care environment.

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Roselina Ahmad Saufi Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. The Main Street site in Cambridge has long been a hub of innovation. InKimball & Davenport produced the first center-aisle train cars here. A half century later, Thomas Watson sat in this building and heard words spoken by Alexander Graham Bell across the river in Boston, completing the first phone call in history.

The case describes Pfizer's efforts to build and run an innovation center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

As the center goes through different periods of leadership and strategic models, its relationship with the corporation and other research sites is explored.

The case study describes in detail the challenges of building an innovation center within a large corporation, including organization. BioXcel Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that utilizes novel artificial intelligence, or AI, to identify the next wave of medicines across neuroscience and immuno-oncology.

Results. The result was the successful education of over physicians across the region, including endocrinologists, internists and primary care physicians, on critical issues pertaining to the identification, treatment and management of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Pfizer inc building an innovation center
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