Peters projection world map

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Your World Map is Hiding Something

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Watch video · But if you want a better idea of the relative size of the world's landmasses, you need a map that distorts shape but preserves area, like the Peters projection.

World Sunlight Map

of 51 results for "peters projection world map" Peters Equal Area World Map 24"x 36" paper folded map with bottom comparison panels () by Arno Peters; includes sidebar explanation panel by ODTmaps and Oxford Cartographers Oct 8, by Arno Peters and Map.

Proponents of the Peters projection map claim that their map is a good, fair, and non-racist view of the world.

A brief look at map projections

They're comparing their map to the almost-defunct Mercator map. Unfortunately, geographers and cartographers agree that neither map projection is appropriate for use as a map of our planet. The Peters Projection World Map is an equal area projection. That means that one square inch anywhere on the map is an equal number of square miles.

Map Projections - types and distortion patterns. The shape of the Earth is represented as a sphere.

Gall–Peters projection

It is also modeled more accurately as an oblate spheroid or an ellipsoid.A globe is a scaled down model of the Earth. Although they can represent size, shape, distance and directions of the Earth features with reasonable accuracy, globes are not practical or suitable for many applications.

We have been misled by a flawed world map for 500 years

Introduction of The Peters World Map - Arno Peters introduced the Peters map at a press conference in Bonn, Germany in The first English language version was published in See the current versions of the map on the ODTmaps web jkaireland.coms: 4.

Peters projection world map
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