My experiences with elderly people

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Seeing Evil Spirits in People's Faces

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3 Causes of Sudden Confusion in the Elderly

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A Human Experience: Volunteering for the Elderly

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Pastoral Care: Ministry to the Elderly, Sick and Homebound

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Dehydration is a common condition that afflicts many people over the age of Because the symptoms of dehydration are masked by the aging body, patients and caregivers typically overlook the warnings signs until it is too late.

Non-perishable foods should make up the bulk of a care basket. Dried, canned and boxed items will last longer, and there is less risk of food poisoning if eaten past the expiration dates. When you’re looking for gifts for elderly parents is that they don’t need or want more stuff to put on their shelves and coffee tables.

Stuff is clutter, clutter makes life more complicated, and complications are boring and stressful. The Older, the Better By Elizabeth Foy Larsen Perhaps the best way to integrate valuable life experiences into your aging process is to regularly evaluate where you are and what’s calling next.

At the same time, I learned in the course of talking to doctors the phrase “the extraordinary elderly.” These are people everybody knows. A Human Experience: Volunteering for the Elderly By Casey Miller I volunteer with my mother at Aegis Assisted Living to help other volunteers and employees in their work with providing activities.

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