Mining in antarctica

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Antarctic Treaty System

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flow chart of mining in antarctica

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Antarctica is the only place on Earth basically untouched by humans, are we really going to ruin this too? The last place where animals can live in peace and where natural scenery is untouched.

Mining might also contribute to the melting of Antarctica which is already happening from global warming, we need to work on slowing this and not do. Search & apply for the latest HSE jobs in Mining in Antarctica.

Search & apply for the latest engineering jobs across the world. With a range of engineering opportunities we have the perfect role for you. Mining in Antarctica is banned because it is the onlypristine and untouched environment in the world. Mining is banned because it wreaks the environment of Antarctica for all its fauna and flora and also makes the hole in the ozone layer grow bigger.


Article 7 of the Madrid Protocol unambiguously prohibits mining in Antarctica. It states that ‘[A]ny activity relating to mineral resources, other than scientific research, shall be prohibited.’ There is no time limit on the mining ban and there are strict rules for modifying the ban.

· Mineral extraction would severely impact Antarctic wildlife, with the increase in noise from seismic blasting and the rise in air, sea, and ground traffic. · Mining will poison waters and will destroy half of the land, which will kill seals, whales, penguin, fish and others.

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Mining in antarctica
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China says no mining planned in Antarctica