Exotic animals

Exotic Animals

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Exotic pet

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These exotic pets are easier to care for than their larger relatives. A summary of exotic pet laws and discussion on which states prohibit the private possession of specific exotic animal species, including monkeys, tigers, raccoons, birds, wolves, and others.

There are special considerations to take into account when adopting an exotic pet. Learn about exotic pet adoption and why it may not be such a good idea to adopt a wild animal. Not all exotic animals make good pets, please do research when contacting anyone on an animal you want as a pet.

Also, some states, counties, municipalities and cities require a license, permit or for you to register the exotic animal in your location.

Exotic Pets

An exotic pet is a rare or unusual animal pet: an animal kept within human households which is generally thought of as a wild species rather than as a pet. Definition.

16 of the World’s Most Sought After Exotic Pets

The definition is an evolving one; some rodents, reptiles, and amphibians have become firmly enough established in the world of animal.

I have a small 'farm' of animals, including exotics, and a background in medicine. This is a really nice book to have as a reference for me, not just in problem solving, but in understanding diagnosis better from my vets.

The definition of "exotic pet" is a loose one. Originally, it referred to species that were considered wild animals and not typically kept as a pet.

Exotic animals
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