Communication apprehension

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Personal Report of Communication Apprehension

Such wants are deep-rooted in mind and had by excessive Negative Syllables. This consultation program is specially packaged and designed for Internet users!. Personal Report of Communication Apprehension Thank you to Dr. James McCroskey for graciously permitting us to post the first electronic PRCA on our Speaking Center website.

Thanks to Elizabeth Ramsey, a Speaking Center alumni, for creating this form electronically during her tenure at the center. Sep 24,  · Communication apprehension (CA) can be described as a fear of real or anticipated communication with one or more other people.

Unlike, the fear of public speaking, which is the most common and perhaps most relatable of all phobias, communication apprehension isn't just about speaking in front of a group%(32). Scores between 83 and indicate a high level of communication apprehension. Scores between 55 and 83 indicate a moderate level of communication apprehension.

Scores between 24 and 55 indicate a low level of communication apprehension. Personal Report of Communication Apprehension (PRCA) DIRECTIONS: This instrument is composed of twenty-four statements concerning feelings.

Introduction. One cannot discuss the construct of communication apprehension (CA) without bringing up the scholar James C. McCroskey. McCroskey coined the concept with his graduate students during his time on faculty at Michigan State University, and published the first article in utilizing the term.

Communication apprehension

The naissance of communication apprehension research began in trying to develop measures to identify individuals with it.

McCroskey developed the Personal Report of Communication Apprehension (PRCA), and McCroskey (as well as Levine and McCroskey ) subsequently validates versions of.

Communication apprehension
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