Anne moody

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Anne Moody

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Anne Moody, civil rights activist and author of 'Coming of Age in Mississippi,' dies at 74

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Anne Moody. likes. Adoption expert Anne Moody has authored her first book, The Children Money Can Buy: Stories from the Frontlines of Foster Care and. Anne Moody: A Biography.

by Carrie Starks (SHS) Anne Moody is a well-known, black Mississippi author. She has written an autobiographical work depicting life in Mississippi and the struggles of black people in the South.

Coming of Age in Mississippi: The Classic Autobiography of Growing Up Poor and Black in the Rural South [Anne Moody] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Written without a trace of sentimentality or apology, this is an unforgettable personal story—the truth as a remarkable young woman named Anne Moody lived it. To read her book is to know what it is to have grown up black in /5().

Anne Moody is a former Civil Rights activist who penned the award-winning autobiography Coming of Age in Mississippi. Learn more about her life and career at Sep 15, Anne Moody, original name Essie Mae Moody, (born September 15,near Centerville, Mississippi, U.S.—died February 5,Gloster, Mississippi), American civil rights activist and writer whose Coming of Age in Mississippi (), an autobiographical account of her personal and political struggles against racism in the South, became a classic.

Anne Moody. Civil rights activist Anne Moody was born in rural Wilkinson County, Mississippi on September 15,

Anne moody
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Anne Moody, Mississipppi writer and civil rights activits