Algae farming

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Experts say algae is the food of the future. Here's why.

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Urban Algae Farm Gobbles Up Highway Air Pollution

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Voilà! US Algae Company Turns Sewage Into Biofuel, In France

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OriginOil and Ennesys have successfully demonstrated an urban algae farming operation that combines algae biofuel production and wastewater treatment.


Algae farming is expanding across the United States and around the world, showing great promise as a fast-growing and efficient source of natural oil for renewable transportation fuel, bio-plastics, food supplements and many other products. Jun 01,  · Several weeks ago, I visited algae farm Green Stream Farms in the sleepy town of Columbus, New Mexico, a stone's throw away from the Mexican border.

Experts say algae is the food of the future. Here's why.

Jun 01,  · Algae at the farm is grown in long ponds called "raceways," and an engine constantly churns water to make sure the algae is exposed to the sunlight. CO2 and a tiny bit of fertilizer is then pumped.

Algae aquaculture or aqua farming involves the farming of aquatic species such as fish, and aquatic plants. Particular types of algae aquaculture include fish farming, shrimp farming and alga culture (production of selected strains of algae for commercial use).

Algae farming
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Algae farming combines algae biofuel and wastewater treatment