A description of a slender evergreen tree with a smooth grey trunk

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Broad leaved trees and shrubs

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Street Tree Planting

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back to main tree key oak key key of maples elm family key (Modified from a text key to common trees of Radnor Lake by W.G.

Tree idenitification bark 2/4

Eickmeier) Click on any image to see it enlarged. This is My Story. My intention here is to provide interested persons with details that, due to space restraints, are not all available collectively in text books or on all websites at the moment.

A. Abelia 'Francis Mason' foliage with flowers compact, dense, spreading evergreen shrub to about 4' tall by ' wide, one of the best shrubs for golden-foliage available for our California conditions. Unlike many light-colored selections it resists scorching except under the hottest and brightest conditions and respectably drought tolerant when established, existing in many areas without any.

Due to all the various spellings in this article I have included a pdf file of the article This is a scan of the original document. Just after this article was produced a short book on the same subject was published by Cameron and you can download it here.

Illustrated key of simple-leaved trees

Description. They are evergreen or deciduous shrubs or trees growing to 1–18 m in height and forming dense thickets. The largest, Tamarix aphylla, is an evergreen tree that can grow to 18 m tall.

Rare trees

They usually grow on saline soils, tolerating up to 15, ppm soluble salt and can also tolerate alkaline conditions. Tamarisks are characterized by slender branches and grey-green foliage. Whether you are an Auckland landscaper looking for bulk supply of wholesale plants, kiwifruit seedlings and trees for your landscaping jobs, or a Tauranga home-owner wanting to spruce up your yard or orchard, talk to Forevergreen Seedlings.

A description of a slender evergreen tree with a smooth grey trunk
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