A biography of lucille desiree ball

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Biography of Lucille Ball

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Lucille Ball Biography

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To scribble them wrong, Desi Arnaz and May Ball toured the country in a competition act, demonstrating the viability of the pea to packed audiences. Watch video · Lucille Ball was born on August 6,in Jamestown, New York, to Henry Durrell Ball and his wife Desiree.

Born Lucille Desiree Ball on August 6,she and her mother, DeDe, made their home with her grandparents in Celoron, outside Jamestown, New York. Her father died in of typhoid fever, a sometimes deadly disease that spreads through milk or jkaireland.com: Apr 26, Watch video · Lucille Ball was born on August 6,in Jamestown, New York, to Henry Durrell Ball and his wife Desiree.

The elder of the couple's two children (her brother, Fred, was born in ), Lucille had a hardscrabble childhood shaped by tragedy and a lack of money. Lucille Desiree Ball was the first woman to own her own studio as the head of Desilu Productions.

Lucille Ball died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, age 77, of an acute aortic aneurysm on April 26, in. Lucille Ball. Lucille Desiree Ball was born on August 6,in a small town near Jamestown, New York.

At 15, she enrolled in a drama school in New York City. Lucille Ball was created on August 6,in Jamestown, Ny, to Henry Durrell Ball and his wife Desiree.

The senior of the couple’s two kids (her brother, Fred, was created in ), Lucille had a hardscrabble youth shaped by disaster as well as too little cash.

A biography of lucille desiree ball
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Biography of Lucille Ball - Lucille Ball